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Dental Photography


Adhesive Rehabilitation and Tooth Preparations Courses

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Dental Photography captures a small part of a patient’s experience and transformation that can impact their lives in a very real way

The cornerstone of my philosophy in my personal and professional life is building and maintaining relationships.  This philosophy is reflected in my dental photography course. It’s about you, me and the relationship that ensues. You and I will spend the time that is necessary in order to get you where you want to be. This course is centered around small group work and one-on-one mentoring. I want to share all I know in a simple yet organized manner. 

When the right people get together under genuine circumstances, the results are always pleasant and satisfying. Through photography we find more interest and beauty in our daily work. Through relationships, the real meaning of life and joy flourishes. That’s the real reason behind it all... behind this course and in life.  It's personal...  


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